Butter Butcher

I have zero idea if this is yet another Pennsylvania-unique item, or if its a new Spring item hitting markets nationwide, but…. a few weeks ago, while shopping for groceries, I came across butter sculpted into the shape of a lamb. I am not kidding.butterlamb

And then I found more at the Allentown Farmer’s Market. In fact, at the market you have the option of buying a whole lamb or half a lamb.butterprices

Its like someone is out there chopping butter lambs in half. A butter butcher!

I don’t know how these butter butchers can live with themselves, because the butter lambs are so cute I can’t get myself to slice or melt the butter lamb I bought. I would just feel so…. baaaaaaaaaaad.


7 thoughts on “Butter Butcher

  1. Put that in Emma’s Easter basket and she would eat it just like a chocolate bunny! That girl loves her butter.

  2. Wow, never seen anything like that. Cute little lamb but who would ever think it is butter if they did not know?


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